Spectrum Classes and Workshops

Through creative arts, children and young people with disabilities are encouraged to maximize their potential in a supportive setting that celebrates music, movement, theatre and fine arts. The use of music, dance and imagery through art allows the participant an alternative path for self-exploration and communication. Participants will experience increased ability to move with more ease and freedom; development of a deeper trust and respect for their body; increased self awareness, self confidence and self discipline, as well as team building; development of listening and concentration skills along with social skills; and promotion of a sense of pride and achievement.

Special Needs IMPACT! programs are open to any individual ages 9-99 with a developmental disability, including cognitive, learning, motor, hearing, and visual impairments, genetic and/or neurological conditions.  Based on the level of cognitive, mobility and communication abilities, we modify our learning environment as needed to suit each individual.  In order to provide a safe and collaborative experience, we may be unable to accommodate individuals whose behavioral needs might endanger themselves or others. 




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