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Off The Beaten Path Theater Experience Series.

Artful IMPACT! is proud to present the Off The Beaten Path Theatre Experience Series.

This two part series will include candid and detailed discussions, observations, script/score exploration and post show analysis in relation to each performance.

Exposure to “lesser known” theatre venues/performances will be a part of the structure whenever possible in order to take advantage of Chicago’s active theater community.

In this series participants will attend a preparatory session to familiarize themselves with the material, a live theatre performance of the show and a post-show discussion or talk back. This package will create a well-rounded experience that will allow you to relate historical themes, cultural and social ideas presented in productions to real-life problems and situations.

“The Off the Beaten Path Series is an opportunity for our community to more deeply appreciate attending live theatre, by using it to enrich our own life experiences as well as furthering our exposure to differing cultures and philosophies”, said Carla DeFlorio, Executive Director, Artful Impact.

Part I:  Moby Dick, Lookingglass Theatre, planned for summer of 2017
Part II: TBA for fall of 2017

For more information about this series, please contact Artful Impact at The School of Performing Arts by at 630-717-6622 or email Carla DeFlorio, Executive Director of Artful Impact at










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