Counseling Collaborations

Samaritan Interfaith Counseling Center is partnering with Artful IMPACT! to present:

IMPROV WORKSHOP for Anxious Kids and Teens

Stressed out about school or friends?
Can’t get worries out of your head?
Need some ways to handle stress, and calm down?
Have fun playing improv games and activities while learning about your lizard brain reaction and how to manage your worries and stress.
For ages 11-17
For more class information visit or contact Nancy Kratz Ph.D. at 630-357-2456 x105
Click here to view brochure

Classes are held at Samaritan Interfaith Counseling Center.
Parents welcome to attend this workshop with their student.


Zip Zap Zop is an innovative class for ages 7-14 combining improvisation and theatre with therapy strategies to help your child build social skill and confidence, decrease social anxiety, learn to manage their emotions and behavior, all while playing games and engaging in fun activities!  Classes will be lead by Cindy Hartigan, an Improv and Theatre teaching artist from Artful IMPACT!, and Clinical Psychologists Nancy Kratz, Ph.D., or Char Slezak, Ps.yD., from Samaritan Interfaith Counseling Center. Classes will be a dynamic experience adapting to the needs and goals of the students.

Watch video coverage about the collaboration between Samaritan Interfaith and Artful IMPACT! here 

Classes are held at Samaritan Interfaith Counseling Center. Contact Nancy Kratz Ph.D. at 630.357.2456 x105 for more information.
CLICK HERE to view the brochure for more information

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